A netizen Kaycey Neo encountered a rash and arrogant BMW driver SJT 2880P, who after nearly killing her and her motorcyclist friend in a reckless lane change, decided to challenge them further by playing the braking game when they honked at him for his recklessness.
Kaycey Neo has uploaded a video of a fellow motorcyclist confronting the errant BMW driver. She and her friends are looking for witnesses with dash cam footage of the BMW driver's reckless acts.

According to the netizen, she and her motorcyclist friend were traveling along the Pan Island Expressway (Tuas) yesterday (27 June) at 8.30PM when they encountered the reckless driver. While they were traveling in their lane, the BMW swerved into their lane and nearly sideswiped them. They sounded their horn to give him a warning of their presence, but he continued to force his way into their lane and even braked repeatedly to try and hurt them.
Realizing that the driver was a reckless and arrogant driver, they tried to avoid the BMW by moving into a second lane but when they drove past the BMW, the man wound down his window and tried to swerve his car into the motorcyclists! Quick reflexes were all that saved the motorcyclists from a serious accident. 
A fellow motorcyclist traveling behind them was also nearly hit in the process of this man's dangerous act.
The motorcyclists tailed the reckless BMW driver to a traffic light out of the expressway and confronted him. When asked to settle the issue with the police, he floored his accelerator and made a run for it by u-turning into the expressway.
Kaycey Neo wrote: "Anyone knows this guy or had the same experience with him before? We just want to let him know that motorcyclists are vulnerable on the road and his actions can easily cause a fatality.
"I was so traumatised that I vomited my entire dinner out the moment we got off our motorcycles. I hope I never experience such a moment again ever!"

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