It is unfortunate that this posting covers at least four distinct issues.

1, It is the appropriate Hari Raya greeting extended to Muslim residents.

2, Pink Dot and Speakers Corner. It is acknowledged that the changed rules governing the use of Speakers Corner are reiterated. This means that Hong Lim Park is a restricted space only for citizens and permanent residents for certain events like supporting or opposing LGBT rights and other social justice issues.

3. Harassment is not acceptable and is a criminal offence. .

4. Drug abuse is a Public Health Issue and the education, counselling, treatment of HIV-Aids to both straight and gay communities needs to be supported.

The underlying contentious issue is the LGBT cause and this is what Pink Dot is concerned with. It is a controversial social issue and that the government assumes to take a neutral stance. As long as Section 377A is in the statute books the government has taken a clear and not a neutral stance.

Same sex act by gays and not the lesbians is a criminal offence. The pro and anti Pink Dot is basically on this issue. The purpose of the event is the same as what the Minister has written: “The way to deal with the issue is to discuss, persuade.”

Precisely Pink Dot is doing that and it will be good for foreigners too to benefit from what the Minister has called us to do. It must be added that the harassment concerning this issue is an expression of hate and therefore a hate crime directed at minority people of another race, religion, sexual orientation or economic status.

Freedom to love is an effort to promote harmony in our pluralistic society.

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