A netizen shared his upsetting experience about a taxi driver who threw a Muslim family’s Hari Raya groceries onto the ground and challenged them to a fight because he was in a foul mood.

According to the netizen, he and his family had been shopping for groceries at the Block 2 Geylang Serai wet market and hailed for a taxi from the same area. They boarded a Silver Cab taxi, but things took a turn for the worse when the driver got into an argument with a fellow taxi driver while on the road. The family were left fearing for their lives as the taxi driver drove recklessly in his attempt to get back at the other taxi driver.

When the passengers alighted at their destination, the taxi driver went to the boot of his car and threw all of his passenger’s wet groceries on the ground. When asked why he did that, he scolded the family for dirtying his car’s boot with their Hari Raya groceries. He drove off immediately after giving them a lashing, but later re-entered the car park and continued to taunt and provoke the passengers.

The netizen wrote: “I feel so angry that i wanted to beat him but at the same time..i know that once i beat him up first.. i will be on the wrong side.. so i just decided to walk off and he keep following me and offer me to a fight.. so i just smile and walk away.. n he then walk toward his taxi.. and my mother talk thing out with him.. and asked him not to make a big show at our place and offer him to go to the police station or call the police instead.. but he refuse and he drove off…”

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