I Had the worst bus experience on Yakin Pacific Express from Malacca to Singapore on 26 June 2017!

The bus (27 seater and prices at S$35 per person) that I booked via Easybook.com was supposed to come and leave Hatten Hotel at 10am but ended up a 40 seater bus (old and with spoiled rail & leg supports and dripping Aircon) came at 3pm (a 5 hours delayed)! Despite of many phone calls with the Singapore office (+65 6291 6918) about the delay, they would lie that the bus was coming and on the way from Singapore at 8am (2 hours to pick us up at 10am as we booked!!) but it’s all lies !!

The worst is that the 40-seater bus is not going to Singapore directly as booked, but it will stop in JB and we need to change into another bus!

I was told by a passenger that booked the same malacca – Singapore route that Pacific Expresss is having very bad reputation and cheating customers with high fare for 27 seater and express service but ended up offered cheap and lousy bus and many stop services !!

The particular 40 seater bus is WLC 6403 and contracted by Yakin pacific express. This bus besides picking up the passengers that paid SGD35 per pax, it also picks up 30 over new local passengers along the way from Malaca to JB!!

This is clearly a day light robbery and the singapore office never responded to any calls after 1pm, leaving all passengers that boooked the 10am luxury bus for Singapore at their mercy without help!

I would report this case to the CASE of Singapore and such bus company should not be allowed to operate to and fro Singapore

Roger Goh
A.S.S. Contributor

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