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Finally, the FAS seems to have woken up from their decades of slumber and doing nothing, and have asked all those supposedly football clubs to give up their cash machines if they are no longer involved in the running of an actual football clubs.

The newly elected FAS council have given an ultimatum to four inactive S-League clubs that operate jackpot rooms an ultimatum – either return to playing in the S-League, or be de-affiliated and give up their cash machines. This fruit machines issue came under the spotlight in April, when losing presidential candidate, Bill Ng, disclosed the fact that jackpot machines had enabled his club, Tiong Bahru FC to make a huge donation to the AFC. Tiong Bahru FC and Bill Ng are currently under investigations, along with a few others, including ex FAS president, Zainudin Nordin.

The four inactive S-League clubs who were still earning money from jackpot machines were named as Tanjong Pagar United, Gombak United, Woodlands and Sinchi FC. FAS have stated that if these clubs are not serious about football but only about generating income via their jackfruit machines, should no longer be able to run jackpot rooms under the umbrella of being professional football clubs. Some of the four sit-out clubs have indicated their willingness to return to the S-League, but are worried about the costs and whether they had the funds to run a professional team.

Akbar Mokthar

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