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Most of us already complain that the newer BTO flats that the HDB is building and forcing people to stay in are very small and tight for a normal family size of maybe 4 in the family. And that is for the 4 and 5 room flats. Imagine the tight squeeze staying in a two room flat.

Now imagine staying in a tight squeeze in the two room HDB flat and sharing it with 94 cats! AVA has reported over the weekend they are investigating a case of 94 cats being house in a two room HDB unit in Fernvale Link. Most of the cats are found in less than satisfactory conditions, with some suffering from eye infections and some bruises, confirmed the Cat Welfare Society (CWS), which had rescued the cats togethter with some volunteers.

The HDB unit itself were found to have mouldy ceilings, and videos showed the house only had a bed, two stools, and some plastic bags that were stacked against the wall in the living room of the flat. AVA said they had been informed of the incident, and are currently investigating. The rescue operations of the cat took 4 hours in total, and 17 of the cats were sent to Mount Pleasant Pet Clinic for further treatments. According to reports, the person who looked after the cat is now unable to provide for the cats anymore.

Hajiku Chng

A.S.S. Contributor

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