My wife, son, mother-in-law and me board a silver cab taxi at blk 2 geylang serai where there is a wet market. When a taxi is waiting for passenger there.. what do the driver need to expect? Wet groceries from the passenger. So we put all our wet groceries in the bornet where there is a cardboard below it.

While he was driving..he had an arguement with other taxi driver without thinking of his passenger safety.. and when we arrived at our destination he follow us to pick up our wet item in the bornet.. n guess what? He throw all my mother-in-law wet plactic bag on the floor n there is frozen meat for her to cook on for hari raya.. n i ask him “uncle why you throw all my mother stuff on the floor?”

Then he get mad n say that we are idiot for making his bornet wet which is not wet at all due to the cardboard and the thing that is wet is the cardboard that has the beef blood stain. And when my wife took picture of his taxi and say that she is going to complaint to silver cab.. he scold us and said that we all are idiot and only know how to make a mess.. and he drove off.. somehow.. he re-enter the carpark cause he is not happy and he keep provoking me.

Then he said that we have tattoos so what? How can he say that?i and my wife do have tattoos and for us its art..its not to show that we are great.. he then keep following me n want to pick up a fight with me.. i feel so angry that i wanted to beat him but at the same time..i know that once i beat him up first.. i will be on the wrong side.. so i just decided to walk off and he keep following me and offer me to a fight.. so i just smile and walk away.. n he then walk toward his taxi.. and my mother talk thing out with him.. and asked him not to make a big show at our place and offer him to go to the police station or call the police instead.. but he refuse and he drove off…

What im trying to share is that
1) is this how silver cab driver treat their passenger?
2) can a taxi driver find fault with other cars when passenger is in the cab?
3) if he dont want his taxi to get wet, why he wait for passenger at a queue where is located at the wet market?
4) is it appropriate to throw your passenger stuff at the floor even if the passenger did something wrong.
5) even if I do have tattoos, can you judge me?

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