Dear Editors,

Yellow ribbon ? When I see this yellow ribbon I feel that as ex convict I still got a chance to give back to the society and turn over a new leaf as a private hirer driver to earn a better income to give me family a better life. In the end our LTA just rejected our application because we are ex convict?

Now in my personal view is there is no more yellow ribbon for us ex convict , all is just a lie to make our Authorities to show the world that they are ” helping ” us ex convict to return to the society! To me there is no more yellow ribbon , there is only black ribbon because they put our hope to a dead end!

The just make us feel hopeless to this society and we can’t provide a better living to our family and be can’t spend more time with our family ! What is this society becoming to ? When our leaders do something wrong they apologize and want the citizens to forgive them than what about us ex convict ?

They are our leader all the more they should not make any mistakes whereby we are just a normal person and citizens and for our mistakes we already serve our terms in prison why do the Authorities have to condemn us?

Dave Lim
A.S.S. Contributor

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