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The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have moved to clarify reports that the furore over the removal of Chinese signs at their foodcourt with English-only ones was a result of a misunderstanding. the incident, which understandably have riled some members of the Chinese community here, NTU assured everyone that Chinese can be used in the signage in its foodcourts, as long as the same information is also displayed in English for the benefit of non-Chinese.

NTU clarified that they embrace diversity and that they agreed that Chinese culture is an integral part of Singapore’s multicultural society. The university is currently investigating how the misunderstanding over the signage occurred.

It was reported by the media on Wednesday that stall operators at North Spine Food Court had received a notice telling them to remove all Chinese words from their signage and leave only English ones behind, before renewing their contracts in August. The foodcourt is one of 12 situated in the University, and comes under the management of Select Group. A Taiwanese graduate student was quoted as saying “Don’t remove the Chinese words… It’s good now, they have both English and Chinese. Sometimes, I can’t read the English. But if they really remove the Chinese, I can rely on the pictures, they are quite clear.”

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