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What is it with rental bikes and acts of vandalism? Seems like the two cannot be separated at the moment. Now, the newest dangerous trend is the throwing down of the rental bike off an HDB block.

In the latest such incident, a 47 year old man has been arrested for throwing a ofo rental bike down from a HDB block in Upper Boon Keng Road. The bike was thrown down from the 15th floor at block 11 in the early hours of Thursday morning. The man who threw the bike appeared drunk, and he was found sleeping at the corridor of the same floor he had thrown the bike from.

Police received a report on the incident, and arrested the man on the same day. It was fortunate that the killer litter did not hit any unsuspecting passer-by below the block. This is a very serious act of vandalism and killer litter, and it could kill if the bike was thrown to anyone below.

Eddie Wee

A.S.S. Contributor

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