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More and more details are emerging about the maid suspected of the double murder of the elderly couple at their Bedok Reservoir flat. Some news media have named the maid as Khasanah, and placed her age as 41 years old. Reports also indicated that she had brought tickets to either Batam or Tanjung Balai on Great Karimun on the very day the murders were committed.

While authorities try to find her on one of these islands, with the Singapore police having believed to have contacted their Indonesian counterparts to assist in the investigations, the most damaging detail of this tragedy has emerged. It is reported that the maid was hired from Sun Employment Agency, which is owned by the dead couple’s son, who also lives in the flat. Online records show that the couple’s daughter also works at the agency, which has been around for about 12 years and moved to its current location at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre about two years ago. If this allegations are true, then it does seem that the son had facilitated in getting his parents the maid, which is not out of the ordinary. But this maid would go on to be a suspect in his parent’s deaths is a tragic side story.

The agency was closed and did not make any immediate comments on the matter. Police investigations are also still ongoing in the double murder case.

Wang LH

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