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Residents at the new HDB estate, Skyline II at Bukit Batok, are left fuming, as the lifts in the brand new estate have broken down more times than the number of months residents first started to move into their units. The four lifts at Block 296C have broken down seven times since May this year.

Residents of the 38 storey block of flats are often left disappointed and frustrated that they are facing lift problems so soon after moving in. Lifts A and B serve the ground floor and the 21st to 38th storeys. Lifts C and D serve the ground floor to the 20th storey. The lifts are from Sigma Elevator, which had been banned from tendering for new HDB projects since October 2015 due to poor performance and installation delays. They had managed to secure this project before the ban took into effect. Residents are also left worried that they might get trapped in the lift, especially those pregnant and the elderly. As a precaution, some residents have taken it upon themselves to text their family members to inform them they are in the lift, just in case a breakdown happens.

Bukit Batok Member of Parliament, Mr Murali Pillai, who had been very vocal during his election campaign, but strangely been very quiet once he got his MP position, intimated that he shares the residents’ concerns and will be monitoring the situation closely.

Ian Tham

A.S.S. Contributor

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