Dear Editors,

So, many people are arguing over which Lee sibling is right. Some are feeling sad over what has happened while others are gloating. A man of global fame, built up a country rich and strong, controlled and influenced almost every aspect of citizens’ lives, from birth, to education, to marriage, buying a property, how to retire, how to fall sick and even where to rest after death. He is sometimes called a benovolent dictator, and yet the old man couldn’t escape from petty domestic squabbles over his house.

For all his intellectual might and decisiveness, he had to flip flop his will 6 or 7 times?? Why can’t he make up his mind and spare us his family drama? Was he even clear minded? Or all his children and daughter-in-laws were all over him?

To the older brother, if you not happy with the will and you think it was forced upon your father, why didn’t you challenge it? Now you come and say this and that, what sort of man are you?

To the younger siblings, abuse of power??!! Tell that to your father and his legacy. And do you think your life would be a bed of roses if people didn’t consider who you were?

So here we are, as a country, wasting time, money and effort just because the old man did not set his will right. He should have willed his Cluny house to his daughter because she couldn’t or didn’t get hitched. He can will some of his liquid assets to his grandchildren and most of it to charity. His sons don’t need his money because they are so damn rich already.

And the house. As the former Prime Minister and a lawyer, LKY knows that his house is not just his house. The govt is equipped with laws to do whatever they want with it. He should have considered that in his will. He should have written in his will that it is LKY personal wish to demolish the house, but he would agree with whatever the party and cabinet decide to do with it. Since LKY founded the party and dedicated his life to it, the house is party heritage anyway, he might as well believe in them all the way, unless he doesn’t?

Peter Soh
A.S.S. Contributor

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