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Another PAP MP have been activated to speak out about the Oxley Road saga. This time, it is Senior Minister of State for Law Indranee Rajah, who is also MP for the Tanjong Pagar Constituency, of which the late LKY had such an important role in.

In her Facebook post, Ms Indranee explained that based on MM Lee’s last will, he conceded that demolition of the house was not the only option contemplated by him, even though he had expressed his desire for it. Ms Indranee gave four points on the issue at hand. She indicated that everyone needs to see these four points to make sense of what is happening in the Oxley Road dispute.

Her first point was that the most relevant part of LKY’s will was paragraph 7, where he expressed his desire to have the house demolished after his death or when Lee Wei Ling decides not to stay there anymore. However. LKY stated that if his wish for the house to be demolished not be met, his wish was for the house not be opened to others except his children and descendants. The second point was that the Oxley Road house is no longer a private matter, as it is closely bound up in the history of Singapore. Singaporeans understand the historical significance of the site as 38 Oxley Road is not just any old piece of property, but is intertwined with the history of the nation. As such, whatever happens to the house is of public interest, and that is why the Government is intervening.

Her third point was that PM Lee has taken himself out of the equation for any decisions made on the house, due to the conflict of interest. He has recused himself from taking part in any Government consideration or decisions regarding 38 Oxley Road. And the final, most important point is that nothing can be done to the house right now, be it to demolish it or to preserve it. This is for the simple reason that Dr Lee Wei Ling is still living there.

This long drawn out battle will not see an end anytime soon. The house will still be standing, possibly long after the current Ministers are no longer in Cabinet.

Dawn Chan

A.S.S. Contributor

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