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The next salvo in the ongoing saga is now fired by none other than Ho Ching herself. Seems like every night someone from the famiLEE are saying something or another, only for the person to refute and allege something else, and on and on it continues. Ho Ching had thus far remained quiet, but a week after this feud broke, she finally broke her silence.

The noise coming from Ho Ching now is that she claims she had informed the Lee siblings about the items loaned to the National Heritage Board, and she vehemently claimed that she had informed Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling about what she did when tidying up the house at 38, Oxley Road after Mr Lee’s funeral. In her reply, she also managed to insinuate that the cleaning up process was hard work, and she had to do it, as she did not see either Lee Wei Ling or Lee Hsien Yang’s wife capable of doing such “dogsbody” work.

She also said that at all times, she had informed all the siblings about her actions, and whenever she found interesting things for NHB, she would tell the siblings and they were agreeable to the items being put on show. She also reiterated that these items are loaned out from the estate, and must be returned.

She ended her reply by tugging on the family heartstrings by saying “I hope that whatever you are upset about, you will have the heart to remember what papa and mama would have wanted most for the family and for Singapore.” Spoken like a true diplomat.

Lyndon Gan

A.S.S. Contributor

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