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LTA has reportedly received about 39,000 applications for the Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocational Licence (PDVL), of which about 33,000 have been given approval to go for the PDVL course. 500 of the approved applicants have since attended and passed the course.

LTA has also confirmed that thus far, 27,000 private-hire cars have been affixed with tamper evident decals, which must be displayed on all private-hire cars providing chauffeured services from July 1. So, the next time you take a private hire car, make sure that the decals can be seen, as required by Law. Private-hire drivers must submit their applications for the PDVL course by the end of this month (June 30) to be allowed to continue driving. They will then have a year to attend and pass the course.

The tamper free decal is a good initiative by the LTA, as it allows passengers to easily identify which cars are actually for private hire, and good for the drivers too, as they can now easily claim to be private hire drivers when entering condominiums, or any other waiting areas, especially at the malls. And the fact that the private hire drivers are made to go for the PDVL course as a compulsory requirement will only help to improve the service quality and standards for private hire market, and ensure the drivers know what can and cannot be done.

About the only good thing LTA have managed to do this year.

Jackson Zheng

A.S.S. Contributor

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