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On 14 June, at least 79 people are dead or missing and presumed dead following the fire that tore through the 24-story Grenfell Tower in London.

Subsequent to the fire, on 16 Jun, in an article entitled “US Fire Standards Limit Use of Material Used in Scorched London Tower” by Josh Barbanel of The Wall Street Journal, the exterior cladding of the Grenfell Tower wouldn’t have met widely adopted U.S. standards, building groups said, though the material has been used in a number of high-rise buildings around the world.

On 4 May morning, more than a month before the London Grenfell fire, a fire broke out at an eight-storey building at 30 Toh Guan Road opposite IMM Building in Singapore. One woman lost her life and at least 50 people were evacuated in that fire. My question is: Is the Toh Guan Road fire also due to exterior cladding of building?

While investigation into the fire by relevant authorities is still ongoing, it is of public concern to know is the Toh Guan Road fire also due to exterior cladding? If yes, are similar cladding materials used in other buildings in Singapore? Are owners of existing buildings and building under construction also use such cladding materials alerted by relevant authorities?

To fight fire after it started is important, to prevent fire from starting and spreading is even more important.

Goh Chye Guan

A.S.S. Contributor

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