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Two retailers have been fined $1,000 each by the LTA for selling illegally modified electric bicycles. LTA is taking a serious view of motorised bicycles plying the roads now, thus the heavy fine dished out to the retailers. E-bikes are allowed to be used on public roads but must meet a number of regulations, including a weight limit of 20kg and a maximum speed of 25kmh.

The retailers – Lim Geok Kay from Teck Bee Brothers Company at No. 220 Syed Alwi Road and Chia Thuang Chiew from CPP Trading at Block 731 Yishun Street 72 – were found selling e-bikes with throttles that could reach speeds higher than 35kmh without pedaling. Modifying the e-bikes with throttles are not allowed as this means the e-bike functions like a motorcycle. Motorcycle riders need to have licences, unlike cyclists. Having a throttle also means the e-bike can go faster than 25kmh without the rider having to pedal, which is a safety hazard both to the e-bike rider and other road users.

LTA are cracking down on all these modified e-bikes, as it has been under the spotlight with many videos posted online of reckless e-bike riders, sometimes travelling at more than the permitted 25km/h.

Daniel Lim

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