This incident has been happening since about a year and intermittently it would occur again.

There is a half naked guy (topless) always hanging around in the vicinity of Toh Yi Drive HDB residence. His about mid twenties and about 1.75m ht and will appear around after 10pm. He will walk from block to block on the pretext of jogging but always lurking in close proximity to lift lobby, seizing the opportunity to immediately enter the lift after a lady has entered, catching her almost unaware. My daughter experienced twice incident and at first she thought his staying in the same block. Fortunately nothing has happened in this 2 incidents.

My daughter used to jog late in the evening and began to notice him repeating his action moving from block to block after following him for a while. Few weeks later my daughter saw him half naked again, she immediatley rang me. I went down quickly and confronted him asking his intention. He was cool and took out a singlet from his pocket and insisted the weather was so hot he has to exercise topless. I went on to say you don’t exercise by taking lift with a lady inside from block to block.

Either you run up the stairs or jog around the walkway. You don’t jog from void deck to void deck. I told him that you are under watched and if there is any bad incident happened, you will be the first suspect. I took a few shots of him and I even threatened to post on social media if he continued his unbecoming behaviour. He pleaded with me not to post and even promised he will stop doing it.

Not long after, the same incident happened again as I spotted him from afar. His too far for me to go after him as he moved quite swiftly. Just yesterday, he entered our block lift, unknown to him it was my daughter. She gave him a good ear shot of his behaviour. Finally he replied that this one way for him to get to know more gals.

I’m here to warn residents of Toh Yi Drive, be aware of this weirdo. If you see him, watch his move, if need be query his motive. So far no adverse incident being reported as far as I know. But don’t wait till something drastic happened. Its too late.

I have only a back shot of him as he keep evading me from a frontal shot.

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