Sorry if this goes against any rules on this sub but I had to make my voice heard.

I’m American born, previously living, studying and working there. Forced to move here to take part in National Service.

To do so I’ve given up my house, my car, my motorbike, my job, my college, my friends and most recently, lost my long term girlfriend. I have only 2 people I would consider friends here. A family for which I do not care for, nor they for me. I am unable to pursue my career, nor am I allowed to further my education. I was forced to move here 10 months ago or be labeled a fugitive. In those 10 months I have also yet to be enlisted. My enlistment date is a full year AFTER my forced return to a country I have not once called home.

In this year of waiting, I am left in purgatory. Left to work menial jobs in order to support myself and take up my time. Jobs worth doing, in my field of study refuse to hire me as I have not completed my service. I hold an associates degree in Biotech and Molecular Bioscience. Another 2 years and I would have my Bachelor’s yet I am unable to pursue this because further education is “not allowed”. Instead I waste those 2 years serving a country I will never live in.

My life has been shattered and brought to a screeching halt thanks to a system that understandably make sense but has little to no flex. I am not a special case, there are hundreds in my shoes whom face, or have faced, the same animosity that I do. I cannot progress in life, I cannot further my education nor start my career. I am forced to stay and just be. Stagnant. Unable to move forward in life. Truly in purgatory.

I have nothing against the people or anyone else. My animosity is towards MinDef. An old, outplaued system that they refuse to mend or tinker with has cause not only mine, but hundreds of people to give up nearly everything in their lives to comply with an obnoxious law as we rather that than become fugitive of the state. Never allowed to step foot in the country, even if it is just a layover..

Thank you MinDef so much for ruining and ripping away every good thing I had in my life. Salute.


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