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In a freak accident today at a car workshop in Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park, a car mechanic was injured when a CNG cylinder blasted into the air and struck the mechanic. According to witnesses, a loud bang was heard before they saw the CNG cylinder striking the mechanic at the workshop called Esteem Performance.

The SCDF said they were alerted to the incident at 10:45 on Thursday morning, and conveyed a man in his 40s to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. The mechanic was conscious when he was sent to the hospital. According to a spokesperson from Esteem Performance, the cylinder’s valve malfunctioned, causing it to “fly” and hit the mechanic, before smashing into the workshop’s ceiling. The cylinder then rebounded and smashed into the ceiling of a neighbouring workshop before landing onto a car.

The company is assessing the damage caused by the incident. It was not reported if the injuries suffered by the mechanic was serious.

Brandon Gan

A.S.S. Contributor

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