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A jobless man, who was desperate to land a stable job after just being released from prison, used a falsified transcript reportedly from SCDF, where it was stated that he was a qualified paramedic. Loh Wei Ming, 30, did this to get a job as a paramedic with Royal Ambulance Services (RAS).

He was sentenced to six months in jail after admitting guilty in the scam. He had applied for the RAS job in June 2014, and informed the company that he was trained as a paramedic by SCDF. He produced three fake transcripts from SCDF to support his application. He was subsequently hired as a paramedic and also an ambulance driver, as he has a driving licence. He was sacked in October 2014 for insubordination, and when RAS reviewed his documents, they realised his transcripts was different from another SCDF transcript belonging to another RAS staff.

Subsequent checks with SCDF confirmed Loh had faked his transcripts, and RAS immediately made a police report. Loh’s lawyer clarified during sentencing that Loh’s main duty in his short time at RAS was as an ambulance driver.

Isaac Loh

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