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A foreign talent, who thinks he is above the law and has every right to act as a bully, was given two days’ jail after he pleaded guilty to using criminal force on a Singapore man.

Swiss national Sudir Soorapa Raju, 42, who is a managing director in a multinational company, grabbed the shoulder of the Singapore man, Mr Tay Wee Siang, 26, and spat at him over an incident at ION multi storey carpark. However, despite pleading guilty, he is appealing against his sentence, and is currently out on a $15,000 bail. His passport has been impounded.

On the day of the incident, Mr Tay was driving his car up to level 8 of ION Orchard multi storey carpark, but did not notice Raju’s car when he turned out from a junction. This resulted in a near collision. Mr Tay waved his hands to apologise, and continued driving before parking at an empty lot. Raju was still not happy, and he stopped his car behind Mr Tay’s, honked at the victim and dragged his horn. He then came out of the car, started hurling vulgarities, and spat at Mr Tay’s face. The whole incident was captured on video by Mr Tay’s girlfriend, while Mr Tay called the police.

As part of his appeal against the sentence, Raju’s lawyer said he was under tremendous stress then as his wife was pregnant, and the India born man was also involved in various charities in Europe. His lawyer also reported that the foreign talent is a double degree holder.

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