Dr Chee Soon Juan was dismissed by National University of Singapore in 1993 for an alleged misuse of his research funds amounting to a sum of $226.00. and being accused of being dishonest.

Dr Vasoo who was also a PAP MP questioned Dr Chee about the two parcels he had sent in September and November 1992 to Pennsylvania State University.
Those parcels had been paid for on Dr Chee’s research postage account which was part of the research grant from NUS and contained the PhD dissertation of his wife, Dr Huang Chih-Mei. Dr Vasoo asked Dr Chee to give a written explanation.

Dr Chee gave his written explanation on the same day, ie, 4th March 1993. The letter was addressed to Dr Vasoo, the Head of his Department. Despite explaining that he felt justified in using university funds to send his wife’s dissertation because it had relevance to his own research work, Dr Chee was dismissed from his lectureship post.

So looking at the Lee family saga, just based on the four Ministers heading the “secret committee” which took hours if not days of their time, how much public money was used to oversee this private affair? Despite the public interest as what some may defend for the ministers’ involvement, PM Lee has described the affair as being a private dispute. So is it private or public?

If it is private, then how is the ministerial committee justified? If it is public, should there be a public inquiry over the claims made by Dr Lee Weiling and Mr Lee Hsien Yang?

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