Body image issues have long been associated with females. A large proportion of them develop eating disorders or unhealthy lifestyle habits due to the pressure to remain skinny. This also extends to their overweight male counterparts.

However, as a tall skinny male (about 180cm weighing only 60kg), I was wondering why aren’t those who develop body image issues (psychological aspect or the obsession to gain weight) for being overly small and skinny not represented in local media at all? I have honestly been ridiculed with names like “slenderman” or “stick” and have been told that I am traditionally unattractive as people prefer guys who are meaty and are thus stronger.

Heck, I’ve been looked down so much during my schooling life and in NS because of my skinny stature over my meatier counterparts just because it the norm for guys to be bigger to seem masculine. Just like those who are trying to lose weight because they are overweight, trying to gain weight is MORE than just like what a lot of people tell us to “eat more lor”.

Having many many meals throughout the day is not really feasible while you are at sch or work (correct me if i’m wrong on this?) nor is it economically viable in the long run.

I was wondering if there are people out there suffering from the psychological aspects of body image issues from being overly skinny? (since everyone is so fixated on those who are trying to slim down as they are overweight.) How did you overcome it? Gym? Simply eat more? Or just learn to love your body?

Edit: Reworded some parts to make it clearer on what I was trying to bring across.

Edit2: Thank you guys for sharing your stories with me!!! I never expected so many ppl on reddit to have gone through what I have experienced as a skinny guy. It’s nice to see how you guys have dealt with it.

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