A netizen has shared a post of a man who allegedly cheated her and several other women using the online dating service, OKCupid.
According to the victim, the man had baited her and his other girlfriends into getting into a relationship with him before asking them for money. He would then ask them for sex and money on the first few days before going missing.
Read her post here.

Helping my friend to spread this. Please help to share this post!!!

I am one of the victim being scammed of money and sex by this guy called Kelvin.

I want to spread this post urgently because I know that I’m not the only girl he cheated money from and hope to prevent more victims falling into his trap. A mutual friend of mine was also cheated by him on JANUARY 2016. After chatting with mutual friend, it seems that he is using the same tactics to bait us into getting in a relationship with him. We hope the power of social media can help to reach out to more victims out there and to create awareness to protect people from such scams.

There are already a few victims who reported it to the police. We need to gather more evidences for the police for them to take actions against him! If you’re one of them, don’t worry because you’re not alone. I’m here to help so please PM me.

Please spare some time to read what had happened to me below:

• I knew this guy on OKCupid on June 2017. And we started chatting on Whatsapp. 
• He will specifically look for girls who are quiet, gentle and soft spoken. Those who use online dating platforms/wechat to find something more serious that can progress into marriage. Assuring that you found “the one”. 
• I am already in a relationship with him shortly after chatting even though we haven’t meet.
• He said that he’s working for his family (own business), stay in landed property and was previously cheated by his ex gf ($40k).
• He asked me out on first date, making me pay for it with his excuses. Also had sex as he thinks its common since already in a BGR.
• He asked for money to be transferred to him and also asked for an advanced birthday present claiming that his laptop crashed. 
• He kept saying that he no money and need to transfer him with the promise that he will return on next meet.
• Shortly after getting the money he needed, he started MIAing. Block/unblock whatsapp and calls after exposing him.
• Asked for the money back, he delay and delay thinking I wouldn’t take any action against him. Threatened to call police then he said he drop off a cheque. Funny is he don’t even know my full name.

Please if anyone who can provide more information do PM me. If you’re a victim also do PM me. Thank you all for reading this, really need to bring this asshole down.


*this asshole Facebook and Instagram account already disabled. Here are his photos that are linked with his OKCupid account. Keep an eye out!



Zheng Weiting


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