A year ago, me and a few friends were scammed by a con-lady in collusion with a StarHub salesman.

The con-lady whom will befriend us first, one by one, and got us to help her with a signature. While the StarHub salesman said nothing throughout the whole process except “hello”, he just merely took out a document and let the con-lady direct me to sign.

Following shortly we had one by one all received payment reminder for new phone signup, we tried to contact the con-lady but she ran away.

Several police reports were made against the fraudulent act which happened inside the official StarHub retail shop. But were told by the police that nothing they can do at all to help us “foreigners” so we have to suck it up and pay the bill.

We have personally visited the same StarHub shop where we were scammed and their manager actually told us that this con-man was actually allowed to resign and get away scot-free, without the need of being investigated at all!

We have been harassed often by them demanding us to pay-up in full amount by a short period which we were totally unable to cope with given our low monthly income, some of the victims couldn’t take it and went home. I have personally cried many times and had several sleepless nights due to the injustice which had taken place, where-by StarHub is condoning it’s staff to commit such acts as long as “they profit well” under any cost, even if it’s illegal and shameful.

Police? They can do nothing, as they have clearly told us. Not only was the culprit allowed to get away scot-free and possibly continue his fraud, but we were also pressured daily to pay up in an attempt to cover up this matter.

A.S.S. Contributor

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