I refer to the PM’s guilt trapped apology made on Monday night which most find to be both insincere and without any follow-up rectifying measures.

PM said he’ll lift the whip only for the upcoming Parliament session on 3 Jul and furthermore, asked all MPs to be sure of raising any and all queries on BEHALF of their constituents. Problem is, how are the various MPs going to know what to ask Cabinet if there’s been no Public Consultation Exercises similar to the one held for the Our Singapore Conversation with all Citizens?

In actual fact, the government has never consulted us most of the time but still use “public interest” to justify their varying degrees of action. In Mountbatten where I live, we were never consulted when Lim Biow Chuan made the decision for us to allow demolition of the Dakota Crescent flats which are of National Significance. These flats were built even before the Lim Yew Hock government and are steeped in historical value. Denise Phua has also never consulted her residents when she gave the go ahead to then MND Minister Khaw Boon Wan to demolish the Rochor Rd friendster flats and the Sungei Rd Market under her watch.

Hence, it’s just going to be another lame duck session of Parliament where questions will mostly be shaped by the LAs and AAs of the MPs! In that case, what’s the point of voting for these people elections after elections if their loyalty is only to a select few while deriving their ultimate power from us? Have they deliberately forgotten they are the servants while we are their real taskmasters?

And how can we possibly hold a session devoid of the presence of the accusers so to speak, where they will have no chance of defending themselves to any counter accusations the PAP government may label against them? Can they then speak through the non PAP MPs in the House to defend them? In any case, this is a criminal defamation motion and the proper channel to address these issues will be through a Judicial system where the Plaintiffs and Defendants can appoint a Counsel of their choice even if it’s a QC from London!

#powertothepeople #towardsafirstworldparliament #notenoughvoicesinparliament

Ray Lim
A.S.S. Contributor

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