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An unemployed Malaysian man who had financial problems, resorted to trying to steal a Rolex watch on February this year, using a knife to threaten the woman owner at Hillview Road. The man, Patrick Sim Lung Ann, told the woman to hand over her $3,200 Rolex watch while holding the knife to her.

However, before he could get the watch, he was frightened off by the nearby sound of thunder, and ran off, while the victim shouted for help. The 36 year old Sim was yesterday sentenced to 30 months in jail and 6 strokes of the cane. Sim had actually managed to escape to Malaysia via the Woodlands Checkpoint at night on the same day, but was arrested three months later when he tried to reenter Singapore. Sim was previously worked as a fruit stall assistant in Singapore, but lost his job in January this year.

It was not known why he was still in Singapore in February, when he was already jobless by then.

Imran J

A.S.S. Contributor

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