My Filipino maid who had worked for me 7 years borrowed from 6 illegal Ah Longs. The entire process was done electronically, via Whatapps and bank transfer. She never met them in personal. She sent the images of her work permit, front and back page which bears the employer name and address, separately she provided them my hand phone and house number. A few Ah Longs started calling me when she couldn’t make the payment. It took 3 days to reveal the truth that she indeed borrowed from Ah Longs, not one Ah Long but 6 all together.

On the 1st day of Ah Long calling to ask for sgd1K, I went back to clarify with her and she told me that she borrowed from legal creditor last year and has fully settled. I confirmed with the legal creditor and the staff told me it could be s scam. On the 2nd day, Ah Long insisted that my maid did the borrowing as he just exchanged messages with her. My maid lie to me that it was her friend used her work permit to borrow. On the 3rd day, another Ah Long addressed himself as Eric called me.

My husband tried to settle with him. We wanted to honour the loan, but Eric from initially chasing for the payment due to cheating money. From the loan amount sgd200 to sgd400(including interest up to that day), he asked for sgd8K. My maid told him over Whatapps that she borrowed from a few illegal lenders, her employer knew nothing, her employer was very scare and she would pay. This gave Eric an avenue to cheat the money. He bluffed to us that all the other Ah Longs were under him and he is their boss. My husband wanted to settle sgd2K, he refused. Asked him any proof of loan, he shouted he is Ah Long and where got proof. Asked him how did the loan snowball to sgd8K. He just shouted that the interest double each day but no detail was provided.

This stupid idiot ah long really thought that Singapore has no authority. In the end, we made police report and expected they didn’t seem to take any action. My the way, we also didn’t put much hope on them to protect us. Fortunately, we stay in private condominium and we triggered our condo security to be vigilant. In order not to be disturbed by their harassment messages and calls, I changed my hand phone number, home number, deleted my Facebook and all my family photos in my maid’s Facebook. After clearance from the police, we sent our maid back to Philippines. We felt insecure when she was in Singapore, as we worried that she might disclose more information to Ah Long. She sent her nude photos to one of the Ah Longs after being threatened.

After this incident, I retained my maid hand phone as all the evidences are inside her hand phone. This was my 1st time checking on her hand phone after 7 years as we trusted her a lot. To my shocking, my maid not only borrowed from Ah Long, she slept around, did part time modelling on Sunday, went to drink in the pub, dined in the hotel/restaurant etc… no wonder she needed so much money to support her lifestyle. Before this incident burst out, I just gave her 2 months advance which she asked for.

From this experience, I learnt from mistake that we shouldn’t give in to Ah Long for the debt from our maid. This will give them the business opportunity.

A.S.S. Contributor

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