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A sub-contractor in charge of disposing unwanted bread for a company was jailed for five months after pushing a woman off a 0.8m high platform at their workplace. The push caused the woman to fracture nine ribs in the fall.

The man, Toh Chai Kian, 74, pleaded guilty to the charge of causing grievous hurt in the incident in October last year at the loading and unloading bay of Gardenia Foods at Pandan Loop. In the incident, the woman, tan Souk Bee, 64, was at the bay when she picked up a bag of bread from Toh’s tray. Toh became unhappy, so she placed it back. However, a quarrel broke out between the pair, and she walked away.

Toh then ran to the woman and pushed her on her back with such force using both his hands, that she lost her balance and fell off the platform. Toh then walked away without helping her up. The pair did not know each other before this incident.

The victim is still currently recuperating at St Luke’s hospital, a full 8 months after the incident. No reasons was given by the accused on why he had acted violently to a mundane act by an unknown person to him.

Johan Teo

A.S.S. Contributor

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