Dear all,

My name is Han Hui Hui and I am a 25-year-old Singaporean. As a resident of Tanjong-Pagar-Radin-Mas, I have gotten your contact through the town council website: http://www.tptc.org.sg/www/mps.html I have been a resident of Tanjong-Pagar-Radin-Mas for more than 2 decades and I’m writing in for the first time.

After being coerced into publishing things that I didn’t want to, I was warned not to post on social media anymore. I didn’t respond to media or post on my own social media since 21 March 2017 despite all sorts of allegations being made against me. I didn’t react because I was afraid of the use of the organs of state against not just me, but the people around me as well.

In Feb 2017, I was invited to Manila, Philippines to attend the ASEAN people’s forum committee meeting. In early May 2017, I was invited to Bangkok, Thailand to assist a research on freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. In late May 2017, I was also invited to Taipei, Taiwan to attend an East Asia event on human rights.

Last week, I was invited overseas again and my flight was on 18 June 2017. However, I was detained at the airport for more than 4 hours and the police refused to say why I was detained or why am I being blacklisted. The police revealed to overseas lawyers that I was detained under Section 8(3)(k) of the Immigration Act and told me that I am a “national threat” that will affect “bilateral relationship”.

May I know if the foreign police are right that the Singapore government has contacted the overseas immigration to deport me back to Singapore?

Han Hui Hui

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