Jetstar Flight 3K818 schedule 19th June 12pm departure from China Haikou Melian International Airport back to Singapore was being delayed since yesterday.

Timing was change from 12pm to 3pm and cancel to 20th June 10am flight… than was reschedule to 12pm… This morning Jetstar again make changes to cancel 20th June flight and reschedule to 21th June 10am flight.

Frankly the passengers are so clueless of how many time they will have their flight change.

Many passengers on this flight have grounded and all are getting ready from hotel to the airport that was suppose today at 12pm. Very exhausting and tired waiting for news update at the airport from morning to evening yesterday. Especially for the young and the elderly.

It was total unrealistic to have flight delayed for 2 days.

What I cannot understand Jetstar Asia only have 1 airplane during such engine or mechanical issue??? Having to put 100 of passengers stuck and no other replacement flight can be arrange to pick up those passengers at the next avaliable flight back? What a lousy and incapable company arrangement this is!

Please ! share this information out to everyone. This news seem not available for the public to know on the internet after much seeking.

I have family members with young kids stuck on this flight!

Ken Ang
A.S.S. Contributor

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