A group of 4 youths, aged 23 – 25, came to blows outside Orchard Towers in the presence of 5 police officers. The men were arrested on the spot.

The incident took place on 15 June at around 9PM.

According to witnesses, the 4 suspects were already being questioned by police when 2 of the suspects started arguing with each other. The argument soon became an all out brawl between the 4 suspects, with 2 suspects engaging in on-the-floor combat and one suspect’s shirt getting ripped right off his body.

Police officers rushed forward to separate the brawling men. However, one of the suspects, seen pictured above with blonde hair, continued to shout aggressively despite being police intervention. He was eventually put under restraint by 3 officers.

Reports state that one of the suspects was a security guard from one of the clubs nearby and the remaining 3 were his friends. They had been drinking at a pub nearby but had gotten into an argument before taking their dispute out on the streets.

Police investigations are ongoing.

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