If you are a fan of themed marathons like The Music Run, the Reebok Spartan Race, the Color Run, and other mass(sively expensive) runs, it is time to check out the latest addition to the list, which promises to rid participants of “labels, stereotypes and body insecurities”.

The YOLO run, which begins its first marathon in Bangkok on 10 September 2017, refers to the widely used abbreviation for “You Only Live Once”.

Participants in the run are encouraged to run “shirtless”, a move which has generated great online interest, especially among men for obvious reasons.

The running event will take place all over Southeast Asia following its launch in Bangkok, moving from Thailand to Singapore and to Hong Kong.

Singapore organizers, X Change Republc says that proceeds from the race will go to charity. It has already pledged $3.20 for every participant to the Queen Sirikit Centre Breast Cancer Foundation.

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