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What is happening to the Singapore Athletics? Seems like trouble at the SA is still not over, perhaps undermining the athletes preparation for the SEA Games. The athletes themselves have been doing well in their recent performances in the lead up to the Games, but it is the administrators that are failing them.

Some photos of a WhatsApp conversation involving key officials of the association were leaked, and it shows there is still internal turmoil and unhappiness existing between the officials. The conversations were not dated, but reports indicated that it apparently took place at the Thailand Open last week.

In the conversation, SA vice-president (training and selection) Govindasamy Balasekaran was shown to be instructing staff to “get good evidence” to be shown to “P” – believed to be SA president Ho Mun Cheong – and “force him to get disciplinary action” on coaches Margaret Oh (sprint) and David Yeo (pole vault). Balasekaran also wrote: “Margaret needs to get into trouble so we can take action on her.” SA staff such as technical director Volker Herrmann, SDP manager Ong Wan Xin and senior executive Shalindran Sathiyanesan were also part of said conversation.

This is indeed troubling. While these support staff and the SA are supposed to render all the help to the athletes to achieve the maximum potential for Singapore, they are more concerned about their status in the SA. This will not help the athletes in their focus to bring glory to Singapore. It seems, to these people at the SA, personal glory is more important than that of a country’s.

Melvin KT

A.S.S. Contributor

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