I don’t know why till now our army boys are being so spoon fed and pampered, some more, this time round, these NSFs training to be leaders, that is sergeants! This is worrying and embarrassing! Imagine how others will look at us! They will think that our soldiers are too pampered, which I thought so too.

I am stuck in the jam for almost 30 minutes because there were new sergeant course trainees enlisting to Pasir Laba camp today and many parents are driving their favourite pampered son to camp! And they are wasting time in camp to kiss and hug that’s why causing jams all the way till Pioneer Road exit.

I don’t understand why can’t these army boys go to camp on their own by public transport? Now parents so free or these boys are overly pampered? How are they going to lead the army during their remaining tenure in camp? No wonder nowadays recruits are also pampered. Even my son used to be from command school I also never send him or pick him up, he makes his own way home to Marine Parade from Jurong.

And for MINDEF, please ban parents from driving their beloved boys to camp especially during new officer and specialist cadet enlistment day, this is to train these boys to be independent soldiers. And if these boys are smart enough, they will carpool through grabshuttle so perhaps the army can stop all these traffic woes by working together with grab also?

There are only 1000 over trainees and 60,000 road users on the roads, so must 60,000 motorists all give in to these 1000 parents sending their spoilt child to camp?

My dear army boys, please be independent, you are posted to command school for a reason, stop saying your field pack or duffle bag is heavy so cannot take public transport get it? And parents, please stop sending your boys to camp, they are given the opportunity to go command school for a reason, if you continue to pamper them, they will not learn and will become idle and slack.

A.S.S. Contributor

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