To all Employers out there with a helper

My helper borrowed $600 from a loan shark and the amount ballooned to $5K and I wasn’t away until my maid is on compassionate leave and started receiving phone calls from the loan shark.

For days, loan shark harassed my family and even threatened us. We are told we are the guarantor, OMG!!! We didn’t sign any documents or have any clues about the loan. How did the maid borrow the loan ? Work permit . Employer name and address are on it and we became the guarantor and liable for everything.

According to the MOM law, a work permit card is issued to foreign worker and not to the employer and it should belong to the worker and should be held by the worker at all times for proper identification . Employer who breach the conditions of work permit may be barred from employing new foreign workers and they may also be fine not up to $5,000 or to jailed up to 6 months, or both.

What protection do we have for employer?

I have made a police report, still no sight of any news.

Aghast Reader
A.S.S. Contributor

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