Dear PM Lee,

I refer to your “Ministerial Statement” made this evening to the grievous and serious charges made against not only yourself but that of State Institutions abusing powers and being corrupt!

The announcement you made is not only hollow and lacking in substance but also full of motherhood statements that Singaporeans do not want to hear.

What Singapore really needs right now is what your late father, Mr LKY did each and every time an accusation was launched against him or his government which is, TO CALL AN OPEN PARLIAMENTARY ENQUIRY and not another meaningless Q&A Parliament Sitting. They’re both very different in nature, function and structure! A Parliamentary Enquiry requires ALL who are involved in these serious allegations to come before Parliament and give evidence.

Besides, all MPs are required to file their questions 1 week beforehand which gives ample time to tamper with or “construct” answers and that all the more makes people suspicious of your gestures.

You are in addition to a Parliamentary Enquiry, required to take Legal Action against those who perpetuated these series of allegations repeatedly, to demonstrate that absolutely no one is above the law! Otherwise, your selective actions against Roy Ngerng and Han Hui Hui will open you up to even more suspicions on who had advised you and whether the advise was properly conferred?

It is not without precedence that I’m writing to you this as I had previously seen my MP Pritam Singh and provided him with audio recordings of a grassroots supporter from BRP who blatantly claimed in front of an AHTC officer that her niece works in your PMO and has released extensive and confidential info to her. The email was also copied to PSC and CPIB last year but there has not been a response to date!

#accountability #transparency #firstworldgovernment

SH Chow
A.S.S. Contributor

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