Dear A.S.S. Editor

The current trend of people behaving badly when it comes to handling of rental bikes might just be these mindless people trying to get their fifteen minutes of fame. And it is because of these brainless people that bike rental companies have problems getting their bikes, and cause problems for real users of the rental bikes.

However, in view of many such cases happening, the fight against those people who misuse the service is getting intensified. The best thing is, the fight against these people are getting help from the culprits themselves. These people not only vandalise the bikes, but to reach a level of infamy, they would take photos or videos of them in the act of vandalising the bikes. These will be used by them as bragging rights, where post online will ensure their act have proof to go with it.

But it is exactly these photos and videos that are helping authorities identify the culprits. They don’t realise it, but their need for online fame is helping put a guilty sign on their heads. Hopefully, these people will continue to film themselves committing such acts, if they choose to destroy what isn’t theirs.

That way, they can gain the notoriety they crave, and possibly get their just deserts too.

Amin Fazly

A.S.S. Contributor

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