Dear A.S.S. Editor

A great idea just hit me. Why don’t our supermarkets, like NTUC, Cold Storage and Giant, organize free fruits for children like they do overseas? One of my observations in NZ is that they actually do have such a programme for the children there. Besides NZ, I believe many European countries too, carry out similar schemes.

Because of Singapore’s hectic lifestyle, many of us neglect consuming fruits in our regular diets. Hopefully, by having this kind of programmes, it could raise awareness for young parents to inculcate a balanced diet for their children. This kind of good eating habits should definitely start from young. It also helps young families ease a bit of their economic constraints that they might be struggling financially to afford a nutritious diet for our precious future generations.

Surely, the big corporations can alleviate a bit of their costs to offer free fruits to children, so that they can enjoy the fruits, as well as develop a healthy habit of eating fruits?

Elgin Seah

A.S.S. Contributor

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