Human rights activist Han Hui Hui has been deported from an undisclosed airport after a long ordeal where she was detained and interrogated by immigration officials.

According to activist-writer Leong Sze Hian, Han Hui Hui had been traveling around Asia to give talks on the freedom of expression and freedom of assembly this year. In early April, she had reportedly gone to Europe to seek political asylum due to her long history of conflict with the Singaporean authorities.

Yesterday, while on her way to an undisclosed country, she had checked into the airport before immigration officials detained her and informed her that she had been blacklisted and would be deported. She has since spent almost a full day at the airport while waiting for her flight, which would send her on her way out of the country.

Although Leong has not responded to netizens asking him which airport Han Hui Hui had been detained at, some netizens have speculated that Han Hui Hui had been detained at Changi Airport. However, the legality of deporting a Singapore citizen from Singapore is suspect.

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