Why PAP die die cannot let LKY’s house be demolished?

Is it because it is the birthplace of the PAP?

The PAP was conceptualized by LKY and his friends in the basement of that house in 1954.

The founding fathers used to hold regular meetings there and discussed ways to attain independence for Singapore.

But that was a different PAP, with both a right wing and a left wing.

It is not today’s PAP with its scholars, million dollar ministers, paper generals, yes-men and part-time MPs.

Why is it so important for today’s PAP to preserve that house for heritage purposes?

Why pretend to be something they are not?

It is strange that the PAP is fighting tooth and nail to prevent the house from being demolished even though that was what LKY wanted and had explicitly said it in his book and video interviews.

ESM Goh thought “it would be disrespectful of our own heritage to just demolish the house for it to be replaced by a commercial building or another private residence” and commended DPM Teo and his secret committee for exploring ‘options beyond the binary demolish-preserve decision’, claiming that ‘public interests’ are involved. (Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/oxley-road-dispute-not-the-family-legacy-lee-kuan-yew-would-have-8955420)

What public interests? When Singaporeans were polled, an overwhelming majority supported the demolition of LKY’s house to honour his final wish (Source: http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/most-singaporeans-support-decision-demolish-late-mr-lees-house-poll)

Furthermore, LKY did not say ‘explore options beyond the binary demolish-preserve decision’. He was very clear in stating he wanted the house demolished. Which part of what he said did they not understand?

Who would want the PAP to preserve LKY’s house? The nostalgic and sentimental old folks who will vote for PAP anyway? The most devout LKY fans who want to go there and pray to him? Neither of these groups are representative of Singaporeans.

I noticed that most of the PAP supporters who criticized LHY and LWL for airing this matter in public seem to be doing it because they are afraid that making this public will damage PM Lee and make SG’s reputation take a hit, worsening the economy.

They seem ridiculously paranoid. Why are they so protective of LHL? Why not be objective and read the arguments from both sides first? In other countries, it’s normal to criticize politicians. President Trump is being criticized nearly everyday by liberals but the USA has still not collapsed.

A.S.S. Contributor

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