A netizen wants to warn other Singaporeans of the dangers of driving in Malaysia after she met with a car accident scam there.
According to the lady, who was driving with her husband, a white Malaysian vehicle in front of their vehicle attempted to cause an accident by jam braking in front of their vehicle. When that failed, more started to surround their vehicle. One of the accomplices' vehicles rammed their vehicle boot from the rear and forced the Singaporean couple to stop.
Ironically, the man who hit them from behind accused the couple of being the ones at fault and brought the couple to the police station. However, the couple became suspicious after Malaysian police officers informed the couple that they could not park within the station, while the Malaysian driver was allowed to park within the station.
Read her account here.
Becareful guys..
This Myvi e-brake us 2 times at EDL expressway. We were at 100km/h MAXIMUM at malaysia EDL expressway on the extreme right lane. 
Then we decided to overtake but the myvi insist blocking our way to overtake and suddenly a few cars appeared. So my husband tried to get out of the lane from all those car as we felt something amiss. The myvi followed us and eventually hit us at our car rear. After that we got down, suddenly 2 cars appeared with 2 malay individuals came off and insist we bang onto his car. The white myvi guy later came off his myvi and screamed at us insisting we are the one that hit his car.
So they brought us to the police station. All I can say, we Singaporean are at the losing end despite being the victim of a damage car boot at the back (the myvi hit us from the back and claim we hit his car).
The marks are: 
SG car (our car) = Rear bumper got scratches. 
MY car (the white myvi) = Front bumper got scratches. 
What are the chances of us banging his car at expressway in moving condition? hmm.
Police apparently ignore us much when we are the police station. The police guard ask to park Outside and walk into the station ourself while the Malaysia guy allow to park in the station.
I was so angry feeling so accused and broke down into tears.
The Myvi malay guy insist we MUST not go off (i have work in Singapore and appointment to attend to). However my husband called up his insurance agent and as spoken on the phone, as long as we make a report within 24 hrs that will be fine. We dont have to stay in the police station.
But the Myvi guy insists that HE DO NOT CARE and WE must NOT go. 
A malaysian chinese individual pass by asked what happened and told me to calm down because I was so upset of the accusation which is CLEAR obvious to the face from the accident scratches anyway. 
He told us to leave and make a report back to the station within 24 hours and said, 这个马来人在malaysia也不会办法跑的. And rest assured me.
We left and will definitely make a report once we are back (we are staying in Malaysia till Aug been back and fro for many months alr).
I hope this matter will be settled fairly and not just because we are Singaporean, we are being 'eaten' by their local and they side them instead.

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