Some people from the PAP have written to me to express their disapproval of my stance on the Lee family saga, given my ties to the Party. Some of them have questioned my loyalty, and at least one person has made threats against me. In response, I will repeat what I said in an earlier comment.

I have never insinuated that the allegations made against the Party leader are true. It is ridiculous to simply take the Lee siblings’ word for granted, just as it is inappropriate to simply take the PM’s word for granted. This is why I called for an inquiry – so that we can find out more about the matter and come to a more informed conclusion on the issue.

While we must never unthinkingly oppose, we need to be ever-watchful, and take an appropriately firm stance towards those in power, and who claim to wield power on our behalf.

Blind obedience will not bring our country, or the Party, forward

Therefore, I am eager to hear the Party leader’s response, and I do hope that the allegations made against him are false.

I hope that I am not the only person within the PAP who thinks that the national interest must always come first, followed by the Party’s interests; and that the Party leader’s personal interest, on the other hand, is a separate matter. This is why I believe that it is important that the Party leader deals with the serious allegations made against him so that we can move forward as a party and have our confidence in our leader restored, or reconsider our choice of leader, if necessary.

My point is this – I do not believe in blind obedience. This is not a wild allegation made by some fringe group, but by the Prime Minister’s siblings, who are high-profile individuals. It is therefore not disloyal to ask questions and seek answers on the issue.

If the Party leadership believes that by raising these questions, I am disloyal to the Party, it is always open to them to expel me. But I choose to believe that they are more progressive, intelligent and thoughtful than that.

Making threats against me on the other hand, is not only disgraceful, but, given the circumstances, painfully ironic.

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