To add on to what WP’s Bernard Chen has said, I felt WP’s statement to be rather mild considering the serious allegations the Lee siblings and descendants have made thus far about the regime of our Country!

Truly concerned citizens including residents of Aljunied GRC and Hougang alike should start pressurizing their MPs to convene an immediate Parliamentary Inquiry to summon all who had a stake in the accusations that State Institutions had been utilized for wrongdoing and fraudulent purposes as well as internal party discipline should also be convened to deal with errant party officials like Lawrence Wong Shyun Tsai. This was also done previously when the late honorable JBJ had launched accusations against LKY both inside and outside of Parliament.

In the absence of such rectifying actions expected of a First World democratic country, investors and citizens will start to have serious doubt about the rule of law in Singapore which will have serious implications for
the next stage of the country as we may also open ourselves to exploitation from countries like China which is seeking to undermine the ‘meritocratic’ system that has seen the controversial appointment of Lucien Wong and Hri Kumar by LHL and Shanmugam to the AGC to fix AHTC.

As if the troubles befalling our country is facing is insufficient with the 154th ranked Mediacorp and SPH withholding key facts of this and other such corrupt cases, we may also potentially see the downfall of our Country so soon after the death of LKY as the 2 most important Confucian values like Filial Piety and Humaneness are fast being eroded under the present government.

Even Dr Chee has never been publicly called a “dishonorable son” nor accused of such heinous deeds by his family!

Glenn CY Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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