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The AVA has moved to reassure the public that the Ma Ling brand of luncheon meat sold in Singapore shops meets Singapore’s food safety standards. This was after reports surfaced that high sodium levels found in meat products in Hong Kong under the brand name.

Hong Kong’s Consumer Council said in a statement that it tested samples from 25 luncheon meat brands and eight canned sausage brands and found that most of the samples were high in sodium and fat content. Veterinary drug residues, containing antibiotics, was also found in one luncheon meat sample. One sausage sample yielded sodium content exceeding the labelled amount by 560 times. Although the Ma Ling brand was not named int Consumer Council reports, Hong Kong media have named the brand as one of those tested.

The same brand are also carried in Singapore’s shops here, but AVA have confirmed that test results done by them show it meets AVA’s food safety standards.

Jasmine Deng

A.S.S. Contributor

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