Dear Editor,

I saw this insurance agent/financial coach David Lee said this on his Facebook about public hospital:

First look it looked like disaster strike make shift hospital ward.
But this is a Singapore government hospital waiting lobby. A client got into motor accident with fracture & bloody wounds but had to wait here 20 hours before surgery.
Please be well informed, private hospital shield plans gives you option of better attention during needy times, something money can’t buy.

Then some guy Ernest Lim, whom people say is a hospital doctor replied:

Well, beggars can’t be choosers. If those who have options leave, then those be who don’t have options can get treatment faster. Win-win…self entitled people who believe that they deserve A class treatment while paying subsidized rates (this especially refers to people who complain about the duration of the wait while being oblivious to the fact that the critically ill patients who may be dying need treatment first)…Bottom line: if you think you can wait till after dinner/work/date before going to emergency, it is CLEARLY NOT AN EMERGENCY.”

I think if he is really doctor, he is not being sensitive to patients, how can he talk like that??

And isn’t it well known PAP did not build enough hospital beds to serve Singaporeans?

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