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Three Chinese nationals were arrested by the Police during a four-hour operation against the sale of counterfeit motorcycle parts and accessories. The officers from CID conducted simultaneous raids in Woodlands and Clementi, and nabbed the three foreign talents aged between 28 to 30.

A total of about 440 pieces of trademark-infringing goods with an estimated street value of about $17,000 were seized. These included spool kits, balancers, riding gloves and bags. According to the Police, the three men had used e-commerce to order these counterfeit items from overseas sources, and sold them locally online.

Police takes a serious view of intellectual property right infringements and will not hesitate to take strict enforcement action against persons who show a blatant disregard for Singapore laws. While the Chinese nationals think they are making quick bucks out of Singaporeans, the Police will not tolerate sale of counterfeit items.

William Kay

A.S.S. Contributor

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