Senior Staff Sergeant Shukor Warji, former policemen Tan Bee Song, and Lam Guo Long Terence, and 2 others were charged with a total of 19 counts of corruption and violation of the Official Secrets Act (OSA) today.

Shukor was charged for failing arrest a former police officer who offered him a $2,000 bribe to wrongfully arrest someone, as well as for communicating restricted information on the arrest of a suspect to former police officer Tan Bee Song on 29 May 2015.

Tan Bee Song faced 4 charges. Besides the 2 charges of bribing Shukor and receiving unauthorised information from him, Tan was also charged with agreeing to accept a $4,000 bribe and for giving unauthorised information about an arrest to another third party, Goh Siong Kiat.

Businessman Yeo Kok Siong was charged for giving Tan Bee Song the $4,000 bribe to ask for the wrongful arrest of a man named Hoon. Tan later asked Shukor to arrest Hoon and offered him a $2,000 bribe.

Another ex-police station inspector Lam Guo Long Terence was charged with 2 counts of unauthorised communication of photos to a dispatch rider, Lim Sua Huat, who had offered him a bribe of $500. Lim had wanted photographs of some suspects caught for rioting.

Lim faced the most charges, with 4 corruption charges ad 3 charges for contravening the OSA. He faced charges for bribing Lam, communicating the photos of the rioters to another third party named Goh Lay Poh. Lim had also received a bribe from Goh Siong Kiat, which was meant as a reward for a Immigration and Checkpoints Officer if he acted leniantly towards a suspect under ICA investigation.

The case is ongoing. The officers will appear in court again on 6 July 2017.

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